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Stromberg, Holley, Carter Carbs And Parts

Guest glenn33

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Guest glenn33

I recently ran across what was left of an older gentleman's carburator collection. He had been a designer for Studebaker and Stromberg. After his death quite a large portion of his collection was taken to the dump...This is what I was able to salvage from one of the heirs.

18 1bbl carbs...3 Stromberg, 1 Ford, and 14 Carter

15 2bbl carbs...13 Stromberg model WW, 1 Holley, and 1 Carter

The pictures below show 10 Strombergs that are not there. I sold 10 random carbs to a customer after the picture was taken. Please don't ask for model numbers on the carbs. They are priced to sell and the time spent to list everything is just to great.

I haven't looked at each one, but it seems that all of these carbs are different. Most are in good used condition, but some seem to be either rebuilt or NOS.

6 boxes of 4bbl parts mostly Holley, and some Eelco and Mister Gasket base plates.

41 misc. rebuild kits all seem to be different part numbers.

And a table full of misc. new parts including Holley, Carter, Rochester, Viton, and GM gaskets, needle valves, valves, floats, and diaphragms.

I would like to sell all to one person. Shipping is not an option because of the quantity and weight, but for the right price delivery might be.

I will take $500.00 for everything listed.

If you have any questions please give me a call at 618-395-8216. Leave a message if I don't answer.








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