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Guest cudacrazy73

Hey guys and Gals Im new here. I am from Winnipeg Manitoba. I have inherited a 1947 Chrysler Windsor from my uncle who unfortunately lost his 15+ year fight with cancer about 5 years ago. He had quite the collection of old Mopars starting with 1936 pickup all the way up till his last car a 2004 PT cruiser GT. Allot of the projects are being sold off but I was able to claim this Windsor as my own. we have three chryslers and two of them are 4 doors but this one is a two door. I like the body lines of the 4 doors allot more but this one is in the best condition and what is missing I can get from the other two. Maybe even cut and paste them together. Basicly Im here looking to see if anyone can point me in the right direction to get some wheel base and other specs. I'm 21 years old and have just recently started a Career in Collision repair. My plan for the car is to drop it on a Ram 2500 chassis and use the power train from it for the Windsor. Cummins turbo diesel (pushing around 85-110lbs of boost) I understand this is going to be a wicked undertaking and as I already have a couple projects on the go (2003 Dodge Dakota R/T 360 with a supercharger being my main one) Im sure I might here allot of flak about using a cumins where the old flathead should go BUT hey could be worse could use a 350 chev right? anyways please everyone give me input, I will need alot of interior parts as I want that to look as original as possible. the exterior should look pretty stock with the exception of HUGE side dump laker pipes molded into the bottom rockers shaved everything and rear wheel covers. If you have pic of your similar era car I would love to see them. thanks again!

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