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DD Dodge tai light drum

Guest Dennis Gooch

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Guest Dennis Gooch

I would like to buy a 1930 DD Dodge tail light drum for a pattern , it does not have to be in good condition as i am making new ones it must have the # plate light hole , Failing this, photo's will do of the electric inside and out plus measurements of the number plate light slot .. pictures of the the drum side, front and back ... i have the dies for the drums and bezels .. I am making these to stay out of the wifes hair in my retirement and as a hobby and may be earn a couple of bucks on the side ... cheers Dennis

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JUST CHECKING IN TO SEE IF YOU MAY HAVE A LEAD ON A 30 DODGE RADIATOR SHELL, AND A SOURCE FOR THE 30 DODGE WOOL BROADCLOTH? I may be able to help with photo or tracing of my 30 DD tail light.




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