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Re: That Walter Miller guy


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To whom it may concern: (especially the person who had trouble with Walter Miller)<P>I got this back from Hemmings and I thought I'd share it with you loving (sarcasm) Buick people... (It seems they thought I had an unpleasant experience with this bozo).<P>"Hello,<P>Thank you for your e-mail note to Hemmings of April 4, forwarded to me.<P>We appreciate the time you took to recount to us the situation you had with<BR>Walter Miller. We can certainly understand the frustration you must be<BR>feeling. We will be monitoring their advertising, and any complaints<BR>received. When an advertiser sets a pattern of unethical business<BR>practices we take suitable action, and in some cases, suspend their<BR>advertising. Be assured that the details of your complaint have been<BR>documented. In the event we receive similar complaints in the future,<BR>appropriate action will be taken.<P>We are sorry that you had an unpleasant experience with one of our<BR>advertisers, even if not directly through HMN, and hope that in the future<BR>you receive the excellent customer service you deserve.<P>Huc Hauser for Paula Kamperman<BR>Customer Mediator"

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I'll toss in my 2 cents worth and say that I have recently had good luck with Walter Miller. In October I was lucky enough to acquire a '33 56S, and Walter was the ONLY dealer to have significant material on this year. I bought several hundred dollars worth of brochures from him, including a mint 'prestige brochure', which duplicates the dogerred one which came with the car. Everything was perfect, well packed and arrived on time. Sorry for your trouble. I dealt directly with Walter. Bob Johnson had very little on '33's (I live near Bob in Mass., so I looked his stock over in person). Chris S.

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