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Guest mannecloneman

For over 30 yrs. I have created museum quality mannequin figures for large and small collectors of all sorts of memorabilia, including automobiles. Most figures are fully movable, come with clothing included and are very realistic looking. Samples of what I do can be seen at (www.spittinimagefigures.com). I am approaching a small number of clubs and collectors to try and sell existing inventory at reduced prices (many under $1,000). I have an assortment of good generic faces and can do look-alikes of specific people (these cost more due to time involved in sculpting them) . If other AACA members have an interest in such things I'd be happy to discuss the options with any and all parties. I can also do 3/4 sized figures to fit vintage clothing or if display space is limited. I hope to hear from some of you. :) Steve

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