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Vintage 1950's car magazines - Car Life,Road and Track,Motor Trend

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1950’s CAR MAGAZINES for sale:

Car Life - August 1955: Packard road test,Station wagons,Carroll Shelby,House trailers and more!

Car Life - April 1955: 1955 Auto review,New Cars,Driving a sports car and more!

Road and Track - July 1954: Austin Healy and Allard road tests,Geneva Auto show and more!

Road and Track - April 1958: Porsche,Chrysler 300 D,Austin Healy road tests,Monte Carlo rally and more!

Road and Track - July 1958: Peogeot and Hillman road tests,Bugatti classic test and more!

Road and Track - Oct 1958 :Volvo and Fiat road tests,Grand Prix racing and more!

Road and Track - Sept 1958: Jaguar,Saab,Opel road tests, and more!

Road and Track - July 1955: Corvette and Borgward,Pebble beach,Grand Prix Turin and more!

Motor Life - Sept 1955: Preview of 1956,Cadillac,Thunderbird and more!

Motor Trend - Nov 1955:Driving the 1956 Ford,Mercury,Continental,Chrysler and more!

Motor Trend - Oct 1956: 1957 New car preview, Citroen road test and more!

All magazines are original, in good condition and are $8.50 each post paid in the USA. Call 440 254-4642 or email = nightday44095@yahoo.com

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