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TC Glass

Guest ImperialNorth

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Guest David Simons

I believe the only piece that is interchangeable is the windshield but check with someone smarter than me. I do not think any of the side glass is.

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Put em side by side- - - Ain't hardly nuttin. Windshield is all, that I know of. Just remember: The Le Baron Convertible & Coupe happened because Lee was tired of waiting (over 2 years) for the Italian Govt., DeTamasso, & whatever else that was slow in the world to bring the TC to market. Therefore he had his American engineers "Americanize" it.. ~ And ~ They still beat the TC to market, by about 2 years. The key word was Americanize it. So except for the yankee parts that were originally intended to be utilized and fitted to the TC.. Ain't nuttin the same. It may look close; but ain't no cigars. Then after the new LeBaron sold over 70,000 the first year. that had to be the end...That's not an exact historical essay; but it is as I saw it. I was watching from the outside. lou:eek:

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Winsheild *fits* but it's not the same part. May be considered minor by some but the edge shading is much stronger/darker/extends further on the TC glass and the lovely little Penta-Trident is absent as is the SekuRit brand name.


Hey Imperial, got 11.25" front brakes on that GTC? THose are nice to have in plce of the marginally adequate 10.25" TC fronts. Change spindles and modify the ABS mount some and you're good...

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