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A new load on NOS along with over 200 Buick parts cars


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We are parting out over 200 Buicks, 1927-88 of all shapes and sizes. Full size, Riv., and Skylark GS, hardtops, sedans, and conv.'s.<P>A fresh load of NOS just in from a dealer that has been selling Buicks since 1948. A few of the highlights include 49 2dr rear fender mldgs, 50 grill bar, 50 hood ornament, 59 FF mldg. etc. etc.<P>Buicks for sale, <BR>54 Special 2dr ht, top chopped, custom project, <BR>53 Special 2dr ht, project<BR>61 Lesabre 9 pass wagon, nice driver<P>E-mail us directly @ sehrlich@greatbend.com, do not post a response to this ad, who knows when I will be back to look for them.<P>We are located in central KS.<P>Thanks, <BR>Steve and Chad Ehrlich<BR>(316) 793-3903

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