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30's long WB sedan

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I'd like to buy a Cadillac 8, Packard Senior, Pierce (any) or Lincoln K sedan, 1930-40, to use as a driver car (#3). Prefer cosmetics done but older resto is OK as long as exterior isn't too bad. Mechanicals should be good enough so I can drive 25 miles and back without worrying about it, say once a week. I am not a mechanical guy so I don't intend to do my own restoration, just maintenance.

To repeat, I do NOT need a show car, just a reliable driver that I would be happy to be seen in.

Hope that doesn't cut the field to zero.

I live in the Houston area. Please reply this site and if the offering looks good I will follow up.

Thanks, everyone.

Bill Seward

Tel: (281) 599-0728


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