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How to remove the instrument cluster

Guest John W

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Any one have directions on how to remove the cluster cover? Mannual says to depress headllamp shaft and shows a botton. how do you get to the release? also how difficult is it to remove the dash top cover once the cluser cover is removed to replace a speaker? Thanks inadvance for you help, Stuck in Grante Bay TC Club 3545--John

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Guest My TC Toy

There are two ways of removing the headlight switch knob. One is to depress the little spring "flap" that is directly behind the knob on the shaft. It is bent to allow the button to push on but must be released to remove. If yours does not have this 'flap' you must take all the screws out of the bezel and move it out of place, I know you cannot move it very much. Disconnect your battery and turn the headlight switch to full on.

If you then get a shop light and a LONG blade type screwdriver and try to see in between the bezel and the left side of the instrument instrument cluster (I didn't say it was east) and locate the button that will release the handle shaft. This button is on the right side of the switch and directly in front of three detents that position the off-park and headlight positions of the switch. Once you locate, its not easy, this button, and push it in a little wiggle and pull on the headlight switch will set it free.

Once you get it out you may see the 'flap' I mentioned earlier.

To reinstall the handle and shaft simply push it in place and it will lock back in place.

I think we will look at the dash cover once you have removed the bezel and have taken a rest!!

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Thanks for the directions on removing the cluster cover, as for the dash top, will that be accomplished by removing a number of screws? the goal is to replace or repair a speaker on the reight side?---John

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Hey John, FYI = When you open this forum upper right is a "Search this Forum" block plug the subject in there and you will get the answer. ~ Now ~ Because it's a quickie.. =

Left side of panel is a small flat triangle shaped piece. It pops off (up).. Right side, Long Flat piece, Same Pops up with multiple snaps, There is 1 screw under each that goes thru a small plastic loop (the loop is many times broken or cracked).

Pull out light switch knob as far as it will go. look behind at the back edge of the knob. As you rotate the knob you will find a small notch (about 1/8") that is where you put a small screwdriver to release the tension on a lock tab. push against the knob toward the back of the car releasing the tension and removing the knob. push in the rod turning off the lights..

Remove 2 screws in front of the glass under the lip facing upward.

There are 2 screws in back between the leather covered instrument cover and the defroster area of the dash, and 2 more, 1 on each side of the bottom front.... Good Luck, Lou

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