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Headliner replace

Guest mossiyjack

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Guest mossiyjack

With hat in hand I return to the experts. I am replacing the headliner in my almost finished '35 Dodge DU. There was not a shred of fabric for a pattern and no bows. I made new bows and replaced the soft roof insert. Now I wish to do the cloth interior liner. I see there is some twisted cardboard in channels above the doors, I believe to tack into. I have the windlace ready for around the doors. It appears the head liner will staple to the bows and at the ends are short wires which will fit into sewn loops to make the curve down to the top of the doors. I have no clue as to how to finish to the windlace at the top of the doors. I also eye the rear corners with trepidation as they are more three dimentional.

Oh what fun!! Jack

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