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Buick, Scottish? Now it all makes sense!

Guest Scotsbass

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Guest Scotsbass

As some of you may have worked out by onscreen name, I do have certain ties to Scotland (like being born and raised there and having parents who still live North of Edinburgh).

While I was on the phone chatting with my mother she asked when I was taking delivery of my first Buick (next week, a 1964 Riviera), but went on to add "it's nice that you buying a car with a Scottish heritage"...I asked her what she meant and she explained that Buick is actually a very old Scottish name derived from a corrupted version of title "Bee Wick" (Bee related to the the flying honey giving creatures and Wick being the old name for a very small village) - in other words a village's bee keeper.

So I thought that I would do some more investigation and, blow me down if my saintly white haired old mother was right!

Buick | Cartype

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, I propose a toast. Here's to David Dunbar Buick, (born in Arbroath, a small fishing village north of Edinburgh, Scotland, on September 17, 1854) - a Scotsman never created a better automobile company!

Yours (waving a huge Scottish flag)


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