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ALL PARTS NEW IN BOX <BR>1965-66 & 1969-72 WATER CONTROL VALVE (YEAR ONE PART # 9385N) $ 15.00<BR>1970-72 A/C CONDENSOR (YEAR ONE PART # A13124) $ 165.00<BR>1968-72 EVAPORATOR (YEAR ONE PART # 9414N) $ 125.00<BR>1968-72 EVAPORATOR EXPANSION VALVE (YEAR ONE PART # 9387N) $ 24.00<BR>66-72 POA VALVE (YEAR ONE PART # 9386N) $ 50.00<BR>1964-72 BLOWER MOTOR WITH A/C (YEAR ONE # 9408N) $ 30.00<BR>1968-72 BLOWER RELAY (YEAR ONE # 9403N) $ 9.00<BR>1969-72 BLOWER MOTOR SWITH (YEAR ONE PART # 9399N) $ 9.00<BR>1969-72 VACUUM SWITCH (YEAR ONE PART # 9397N) $ 9.00<BR>SCOTT vufp-scott@kcmsmail.com <P>------------------<BR>70 GSX WHITE STAGE 2<BR>70 GSX YELLOW<BR>71 GSX CORTEZ GOLD<BR>70 GS 455 4 SPEED<BR>70 GS 350 4 SPEED<BR>70 GS CONV 455 4 SPEED (CLONE)<BR>72 GS 455 4 SPEED

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