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Nice 85 Le Sabre

Guest sintid58

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I am a big fan of, I guess, the 83-85 last gen fullsize LeSabre. Nothing wrong with the semi-fastback 2 doors from 78-82 but when Buick and Oldsmobile went full vertical on the back window in line with the Riviera - Eldorado and Toro, they brought the styling full circle.

This is a beautiful car for sure. I was not aware that the back seat mimicked the front seat cushions with what appears to be an armrest in the middle.

having said that, this is clearly dealer priced. He probably got it for $1750 or so. He will take $5000 for it before you finish the f.i.v.... he would say SOLD.

Remember, you can get beautiful low mileage 79-85 Rivieras - considered better styled and engineered - for $1500 to $4000 any day of the week. [with leather and buckets]

So you really have to love this styling to bite.

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