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Need opinions before buying a Riviera.

Guest French Murph

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Guest French Murph


First of all, I'm french, so, please close you eyes on my english mistakes.

I want to buy a classic american car to do my new daily-car and I need your opinion on this 79 Riviera:

Corail Automobiles

It's a 231ci turbocharged. Is it a good engine or lost of problems ? (the turbo afraid me)

Could you say me if some rare and expensive parts are missing ? some emblems, the passager mirror ...

Where are the major wrong points to look before buying (except the rust, i know) ?

I used a 78 TransAm as daily driver during 6 years, a '80 Phoenix too ... so using an old car in France, is without problem for me ... only if I can buy a great and reliable car.

Thanks for your help.

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