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1941-1948 Steering "Sector Shaft" help needed

Guest MarkV1941

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Guest MarkV1941

Can someone please help, I am trying to find a replacement "SECTOR SHAFT" for my series 66 coupe, the Group No is 6.524 and Part no is 269887. I am also told that the part is also called the "TUBE AND WORM ASSEMBLY" , what it looks like is about 6 inch long cylinder with teeth on it, or poss a roller, sorry to be so vague, apparently years 1941 -1948 work. I have also been told its series dependent. Maybe someone out there with much more experience and mechanical knowledge can advise or help. My mechanic thinks this is the likely cause of the large amount of end play as all the other parts are fairly new, king pins etc. This is the only thing that's holding up me getting this car on the road here in England. Any help will be much appreciated.



email :markven@mac.com

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