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Wanted: 1970 8-Track "The Happy Sound"


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I'm looking to buy/rent/borrow the 1970 Buick 8-Track tape that came with my father's Electra 225. It was entitled "The Happy Sound(s)" and contained the songs: "'Till" and "The Other Man's Grass is Always Greener." I'm trying to obtain a copy prior to the holidays. (phone 650-212-2107)<P>

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I believe that tape also had "Love Walked In" by Morton Gould....my parents bought a new Buick Skylark coupe in 1970 which had an 8 track, and that tape...I don't have the tape (or the car dangit) anymore, but remember enjoying some of the songs on it. Good luck in your quest. If you have a complete list of the songs and performers on the tape, there is a website that custom makes CD's for you which has a lot of the easy listening stuff from the 50's, 60's, 70's etc... it's at <A HREF="http://www.americaclassicmusic.com," TARGET=_blank>www.americaclassicmusic.com,</A> you might try checking that out....good luck.

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