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yellow tc in midwest for 3800 on e bay

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Guest LouZ

I sent him these questions:

Are the lights all good, no cracks, or chips, do you have the 3M clear plastic protectors? How are the windows,any chips, or cracks, & do they go up & down good? How's the engine, & trans. any leaks, smoke, run good, shift good, belts been changed? How is the Stainless Steel exhaust system, How are the tires, brakes, brake fluid ever been flushed, accumulator ever been changed? Are the struts, & shocks still original? How about wheel alignment? How is the interior, does the odometer work, are all the switches good, radio & antenna, arm rest, seats, rugs? Is your soft top vinyl or cloth? How are the opera windows? "Whew"



Is there anything else you would like to know.?

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Guest LouZ

These are his answers:

All lights good,no cracks or chips, no protector,windows are all good with no chips etc,engine runs great no smoke,transmission great,tires are 50%,brake system changed two years ago,shocks original,odometer works, antenae good, radio intermittent,rugs good, drivers seat wear as you great in,soft top vinyl, opera windows checked like most.


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