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WWI Fly in, 16-17 May , Virginia Beach, VA

WWI Aerodrome

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We are setting up the WWI section at the "Warbirds over the Beach" Fly in, 16-17 May 2009 in Virginia Beach, VA.

If you would like to show your WWI era vehicle (1910-1920) at our event, please contact us. See our website for more information about this event.

Website: www.greatwaraerodrome.com

Email: greatwaraerodrome@yahoo.com

Thanks for your interest!

Rob Waring and Shelly Wells

Great War Aerodrome

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We just wanted to give an update on our event. We've had a good response from re-enactors and aircraft owners. One of the re-enactors is planning to bring a Model T truck and perhaps a motorcycle.

So far we have the following aircraft lined up to attend: Fokker Triplane, Fokker DVII, SE.5a, Nieuport 17, Nieuport 11, EB Jenny, and a Sopwith Pup.

It should be a good event. A few vehicles from that era would really add to the fun.

Thanks again for your interest and let us know what we can do to make this a good event for you.

Rob Waring and Shelly Wells


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