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1982 buick electra 4 door


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I need to locate a window regulator that the motor is attached

to that runs the window up and down on the driver door ft ?I don,t need the motor its good.But if it come as a unit ok?I would like to buy a new or rebuilt one if I could? It is a 1982 buick electra 4 door.Does anybody know where I can purchase one?I see every one has the replacement motors including napa.Geraldlinen@aol.com

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Guest Dans 77 Limited

Wheatbelt antique auto. He advertizes buick 49-79. But i dont think there is much difference between a 79 window regulator and an 82 window regulator. The owner Ken Reeves is very knowledgeable and will tell you honestly if he doesnt think it will work in your car.


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