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'67 442 (not Cutlass) LH headlight bezels... only $45 each

Guest Blownolds

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Guest Blownolds

Blowing more parts out...

Have two LH headlight bezels without the cutout, for '67 442. Both are driver quality, not all dented up. I believe both could probably be restored to show quality if enough attention was given them.

The first one is straight, but received a black-out paint job somewhere along the way. So it will need to be refinished.

The second one has a decent used finish, but there is a VERY SLIGHT twist to it. It's not all that noticeable either, but the bezel doesn't lay flat on a table top and there is a small bulge of the edge down at the bottom center, under the bottom center screw hole.

Each bezel is just $45 plus Priority Mail. And at this price, you can afford to buy both and have a spare. Or just get them as spares for the car you already have nice ones on.

I also have a beat-up RH 442 bezel that I can pitch in free to whoever buys one or both of the LH bezels. Who knows, maybe that one can be used for something.

If you wish to make a purchase, then please e-mail me DIRECT at blown394olds@yahoo.com instead of PM'ing me. Thanks!

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