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F S 1977 MG B roadster

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1977 MGB with 32,884 miles on it - title in hand - $ 8,000

1st owner drove it 28 k miles in 17 yrs / 2nd owner drove it 4,000 miles in 15yrs.

what needs repairing;

The trunk lid prop locking mechanism was not released properly and the inside of the lid frame got split were the rod attaches, it needs a weld and a little body work on the top side.

As the original owner was backing out of the garage he rubbed the passenger rear quarter panel lightly it was repaired when the car was new but now you can notice a difference in shine compared to the original paint on the door, a buffer can rectify that.


The interior seats and the door panels and the side kick panels and the rear deck surround panels in the back seat deck are saddle brown and in mint condition.

I was impressed at how preserved the car is. Only the driver side rug/w both glued on threshold rugs and the rear seat deck rug top need replacing. The floor carpets are black.

All the original floor snaps for the rugs are in like new condition, the original floor paint and the glued on insulation is in very good condition.

The seat belts, and the tracks for the seat as it glides forward and backward are like new, no water or rust or anything ever entered these areas.

It has the original convertible top as you see, a new mohair top would be nice, this top is in ok condition but it has seen its day. It has both the tonneau cover and the parade boot cover, they both have been preserved in a time capsule, and they shine like new.

The nice thing about this car is, it was ziebarted from the dealership!!

The entire body & frame have been preserved. Any body man would look at it and say “that’s why this car is still here”

The first areas I look at are under the rocker panels and areas like the battery well inside the rear deck area, they are usually rusted first, but, this one is amazing, the battery well and the cover lid with the little ½ turn screws are intact and functional with the original warning sticker still in place, nothing has ever been touched, it is all there but compared to the rest of the interior I would definitely replace it. This car never spent a night outside it has been always garaged

The windshield to body rubber is in perfect condition.

The new replaced parts consist of:

Water pump, belts, hoses, Fuel pump, Battery, weber carb. w/ choke pull, exhaust header, muffler, dual point distributor, Mallory coil, master brake cylinder, master clutch cylinder, clutch slave cylinder, front disk brakes, alternator. 4 Michelin all-season tires.

If nobody buys the car I was thinking of converting it to a V8 engine with the chrome bumper conversion as well.

Both kits are available, Google the following words,

”MGB V8 conversion” and “MGB chrome bumper conversion”

Both rubber bumpers are replaced with chrome ones and you get a grill like the old mg’s

The car is shorter & lighter.

This engine runs so good I will not be doing the V8 for a long time; maybe I’ll just do the bumper conversion first if I cannot sell it.

This year MGB shares the same engine bay opening size that the actual V8 factory produced MGB-GT has, so this would be the perfect candidate for a V8 engine!

passan74@comcast.net for replies....thanks

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