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What Year do These Door Handles Fit?

Guest Zener

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I recently bought, off ebay, some door handles that were reputed to be for a 29 Buick. Problem is the shafts are too short. Mine are 3 1/8" from the end of the casting to the end of the shaft and these are more like 2 11/16". The shape of the handle is the same but there is no little wedgey on the exterior end of the handle, closest to the shaft. The shaft ends in a square with a drilled and threaded hold in it, like my 29.

The ebay auction number is 230308518046 which has a couple of passable pics of the handles. Any idea what these might fit?

I don't think they're for 31. And I think ones older than 29 are also different. Are they correct for a 30?

Can anybody use them? They are of no use to me.

Thanks in advance,

Don Zobel

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