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Metallic slapping noise when driving.

Guest erp52

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The other day, I took my 47 Plymouth out for a ride. It started to make a metallic clanking noise, and then a whirring buzz noise, on and off going thru the gears. Car ran O.K. otherwise. Steered and braked normally.

When I came back, and popped the hood with motor running, no noise, engine purring nicely. I checked the fan and it was firm, no looseness.

The next day, I went out again to see if it would happen, and the car ran with no noise, nothing. It ran beautifully for a good long ride.

Would the weather have anything to do with it? It was a very cold morning the day it made that noise. Up to now we've had relatively mild weather here in Connecticut. Ed P.

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Guest Merchant Xpress

Ed check your speedometer.Mine started acting up when it was cold and eventually started howling and broke. There may be a little lube cup on the back of the speedometer where the cable connects.Also lube up the cable, it could be getting dried up also.


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Well, the next day, I took it out again to see if it still made the clanking noise, and voila, nothing. No clanking or whirring noise. Beats me. But that speedometer thing interests me. Will check it out. Thanks, Ed

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