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replacing sub rails

Guest crider

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I'm getting ready to replace the rusted sub rails and cross braces in a 31 tudor body. Is there anything I need to watch out for? Also my cross braces are totally gone, how wide should the body be at the door post area? Any help is apreciated.

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I just measured my 29 Tudor...43 1/4 inches inside to inside of the front of the door post...measured where the tab bends away from the door post. The tab rivets to the sub rail.

I will be replacing my sub rails also, but the body is still attached to the frame, so the measurement is good. I'm repairing the lower doors at this time.

I don't know if this will help for a 31...but I know how it is when you need an answer and don't get it! Maybe a 31 owner will help out!

Good Luck


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Thanks for the help. I got some measurements over on the hamb message board. Th replacement was a lot easier than I was expecting. Now it's on to some lower 1/4 and cowl patches

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