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Gas tank question:

Guest Drake

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I know the Reatta gas tank came from the factory with baffles inside. Two different aftermarket replacements don't have the baffles. Does it make a difference? Thanks in advance for your input.

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Guest simplyconnected

If you live in the great lakes and plains states, it doesn't make that much difference. But if you live in the mountains, you better have a full tank most all the time. Modern gas tanks have a semi-covered "cup" that the pickup gets gas from. When it is level, it fills up. When it is inclined, it stores nearly a quart of gas, enough to take you five miles up hill. That's the only "baffle" a tank needs.

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Guest imported_Fox W.

Hi Drake,

I (unfortunately) have a Silla, which is made in china and about the cheapest tank you can get. It wasn't my intention, I didn't know about them being so cheap till after I got it. I regret the purchase due to the fact that its size/shape wasn't 100% right, and so it was difficult to install. (Also the outer welded lip touched the exhaust, so I had to bend that down) However when it comes to the fact that it lacks baffles, I have always been surprised to find it never has caused any problems, and I can almost never even hear sloshing. (Maybe 3 times in the past 3 years) I always run all the way down to below 1/8 of a tank before I refill, and I live in the Bay-Area of CA, which certainly has its share of hills. Hope this helps. PS, if I could do it again I would try and get a rust-free factory one, since it's just nicer all around, plus the baffles do make the fuel pump less audible.

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