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French eBay Blocked?

Guest Mochet

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Guest VeloMan

I like to look at the vintage cars on French eBay, but the auctions are being blocked for some reason. The explanation seems lame: something about various legal considerations blah blah (see below). Anyone know the real reason?


Cher membre,

Malheureusement, l'accès à cet objet a été bloqué en raison de restrictions légales en vigueur dans certains pays. Conformément à ces restrictions, nous nous efforçons de bloquer l'affichage des objets concernés. Nous regrettons de vous informer que pour des raisons techniques, certaines annonces ne rentrant pas dans le cadre de ces restrictions peuvent ne pas être accessibles aux utilisateurs. Nous vous prions d'accepter nos excuses pour tout désagrément et nous espérons que vous trouverez d'autres objets intéressants sur eBay.


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Guest Good Old Days

<span style="font-family: 'Comic Sans MS'">I'm sorry that Phil, I like to look at it too, but no problems for me!

I've no idea why they show this message, perhaps some kind of legislation we don't know?!

If you like looking at old cars take a look at prewarcar.com

I'm sure you like it! And try Ebay again, perhaps it's gone now. crazy.gif

Will check with one of my french friends whether they know more.

Good luck,


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Guest Mimie1956

I never saw this message..?

May be that the seller do not ship to international and has blocked international buyers...?! Possible...

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Guest Good Old Days

wink.gif<span style="font-family: 'Comic Sans MS'">Yep, I told all the French I know, from Ebay, that if they see you to let you in! grin.gif

I think Mimie has a point there, I thought about that as well.

But when I'm looking at American pages from people who don't want to sell to Europe, that message doesn't show.

I hope that Ebay got back their senses, some one like you should have a proper welcome, with your interest of French cars. laugh.gif</span>

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