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F/S on Ebay: My AMAZING 1941 Lincoln Convert Lead Sled Rod!


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Dear Friends My amazing Original 1941 Lincoln hot rod will be posted on Ebay sometime today.(PICTURE ENCLOSED) It is on now,but we may drop auction,and relist under 1941 Hot Rod Rat Rod. The following is the text in the auction. Please read! George Albright: Up for auction is one of the most amazing and potentially valuable lead sleds to come on the market in years, in original paint! This is a low, long, monster of a car, being almost 18 feet long, or the length of a Duesenberg! Notice the car has a long hood, a large seating area, a jump seat area for 2 adults, a huge trunk lid, a AND a built in continental spare tire!!! You don't have to open the doors-just step over them-its that low!! Jim Hunnewell, Big Daddy Don Garlits chief mechanic, and I spent many hours looking over the amazing lead slead. We are looking for information as to who built the car and when and where. We have been told by several people it was featured in Popular Mechanics as a do it yourself kit car, possibly with plans. It might be on the cover. We believe this occurred as early as 1946, and as late as 1955. However it probably was built and published around 1950-52. It might also be featured in other car, speed, rod, science, mechanic, and magazines as well, back in the reader photo section of them. We put it on the Jalopy Journal and/or HAMB H.A.M.B. website, requesting info. Approximately a dozen people have contacted me telling me they have seen it in 50’s magazines, but nothing concrete has surfaced. This car is too incredible NOT to be featured somewhere! Absolutely has the George Barris look to it! But too early for Big Daddy Ed Roth though. The chassis turned out to be from an extremely rare 1941 Lincoln Custom, of which only approx. 600 were built in 1941, and even fewer in 1942, when it was discontinued. It was basically a Lincoln Limo, on a 138-inch wheelbase. It had the same V12 motor as the 1941 Lincoln Continental and Zephyr chassis. However those had 125-inch wheelbase chassis instead. Most Customs had the first year introduced Borg Warner overdrive units, and this chassis still has that overdrive in it, with correct 1941 serial #s on the front of the trans. Jim Hunnewell just rebuilt the trans at a cost of $1,000 and we acquired a second 1941 overdrive trans off of Ebay for $900.00 that goes with the car. Finally the car comes with a spare Lincoln steering column, like what is in the car. The tread of this car is also unique to 1941, as 1940 and 1942 treads were different. All of this comes from the Standard American Catalogue of Cars by Clark and Kimes. The motor is a 1948 Mercury flathead, and this was determined by serial #s. Mercury and Ford flatheads are almost identical. The wheelbase has been reduced 3 inches to 135. This occurred when they Z’ed the frame behind the engine and in front of the rear axle to lower the chassis. Someone had access to a nice pipe-bending machine to build the body, as there is quality work all over. The outside of the body below the doors has steel sheeting under it, which is welded directly to the frame to give the whole body support. The back hood latch is the hood ornament off of a 1941 Lincoln Custom and Continental. The fenders are ALL 4 rear fenders off of a 1942-48 Lincoln Continental, with the front ones facing rearwards, and headlights being leaded into the front of them! Notice the tail lights that light up right beside the drivers and passengers area! All in all an amazing authentic lead sled. There is a jump seat for 2 adults right behind the front seat. I was going to put a low windshield in front of the jump area, to give the car a classic era dual cowl phaeton look, like the 1941 Chrysler Newport show cars, by La Baron. Would also have a Cadillac, Lincoln, Packard, Stutz, Marmon, Pierce Arrow, Auburn, Cord, etc. 1930s dual cowl phaeton look. The car is a very faded tomato red, as we found the correct unfaded paint all over the car, in areas not in direct sunlight. This car has been in Texas and California all of its life, and the rust you see is merely light surface rust. It is rock solid! As you can see the Mercury flathead flathead still has its Edmunds dual carb speed equipment, similar to Halibrand, Navarro, Weiand, etc. We took the motor apart and decided due to some welds on the block NOT to use it. Thus the car is being sold with its original dissembled motor. However once a running engine is put in the car, it is drivable as is with a little TLC. As you can see on Ebay, 40’s flathead engines can be bought on a regular basis for a couple hundred dollars, and put the original speed equip on the new engine. The car does not appear to have ever had a hood. However one to match the car is easily made. The car comes with an authentic 1952-hood scoop I bought off of Ebay still in the original box, in case you want to put a hood on it. I was about to have the entire car sand blasted and put in black primer, and use it for now as a rat rod. Then later if I wanted to paint it, the primer was already in place as a base coat. That blasting and priming was going to run me only $1,200. That is a great place to start, and then immediately enjoy driving the car. Can you imagine the crowds this car will draw at rod and bike meets, like Daytona! Can you say ZZ Top! I sent photos of it to dream and concept car collector Joe Bortz. We had a nice 20-minute chat about the car, and he said this car could be worth up to a quarter of a million dollars, if a major article shows up about it in a 50’s magazine. You can also build up value on this car by "Reintroducing" it to the rod and collector car community, through current articles being written about it. I have a hunch most every contemporary rod magazine would LOVE to do a story on it! This car is an easy restoration, as all of the needed items are dirt cheap on Ebay. I am selling the car, rather than finishing it, because in May I bought four 1930s sprint cars, and I've decided to go vintage racing instead of rat rodding, like the Rodders Journal! I need the space, as this car again is HUGE! Reserve is only $17,900, which is exactly what I have init, including the rebuilt trans, extra parts, labor, etc. Believe it or not, you can also go vintage racing with this car! Please DO NOT bid on the car unless you are going to take care of it!! It is too valuable of a historic piece to be abused, built in the grand era of Watkins Glen Glenn, Laguna Seca, NHRA, SCCA, Lime Rock, Indy, etc, when 2 seater rods were beginning to appear. Car must be paid for within 7 days of purchase. Stored in Ocala, Fla. Must be removed in 30 days. Can assist in booking covered or uncovered transportation. Good Luck! George Albright, Ocala Fla. –Cell 352. 843.1624 - Email: gnalbright@gmail.com


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