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F/S Duesy,classic car,rod 19 inch bolt on wheels. Fake knockoffs

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Dear Friends I bought this set of 6 never used bolt on wheels with the

Duesenberg crest to use on one of my projects. I was going to use non

original axles with regular brake drums,rather than knock off wheels

and hubs. These were specially made for a Duesy guy,out in Calif.

about a decade ago. They ran him $1,000 each a decade ago. Who knows

what they would cost now! They are 20 inches across,and 6.5 inches

wide at the outside to outside rim. Coker Tire told me today that

means these wheels will accept 19 inch 7:00 or 7:50 tires.which are

the same height,and just slightly wider than original Duesenberg

rims.They carry both size tires for these newer style rims,in black

and white sidewall.They are 72 spoke like original 19 inch Duesys. The

Duesy crest can be removed and any logo inserted as well,such as

Cadillac,Lincoln,rod,etc,just like original Buffalo #6 wheels. The

caps spin off so that the lug nuts can be screwed onto the studs on

the brake drums. They are drilled for Chevy 5 bolt,but can be

redrilled to any pattern. The inside of the wheel will accept up to a

15 inch wide brake drum,just like Duesy wheels.I decided to see if any

of you might want these before I post them on Ebay next Monday. I paid

$4,500 for them 2 years ago. I will accept only $2,900 for all 6 which

is what I am going to post them on Ebay for. These are a superb hard

to find set that visually look almost identical to Duesy wheels.Would

be great for a rod as well. I will store until we can find some way to

get them to you. Email me for a set of photos at gnalbright@gmail.com The first one that calls or emails me gets them. George

Albright cell 352 843 1624 Email gnalbright@gmail.com


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