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F/F on Ebay: Crosley Woody Convert.N/R Cooler than a Hot Shot!

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Please go to Ebay Motors,and Type in "Crosley" to see my car:Up for auction is one of the neatest cars I have EVER seen, let alone owned! This started out as a 1947 Crosley with the desirable later cast iron block motors. Sometime in the 1950s someone removed the original body and built this funky but stunning woody-bodied show car. Little is known as to who did it, other than I believe it was done in upstate N.Y. Superb quality work and condition all over, top to bottom. It was dry stored for decades in a barn in the upstate, and restored in the 1990’s to its current condition. After restoration, it had then in turn been stored in a car collection since its 1990s until now. I bought it several months ago, and brought it from N.Y. to Ocala, Fla. It has amazing jointed woodwork all over, and reminds me of a mini Chrysler or Ford Town and Country woody convertible! It runs ok but needs to have the gas tank and gas lines cleaned due to storage. I suggest a mechanical going over, due to its long storage. This car has drawn a crowd wherever it went, and was shown at the national Crosley meet years ago. I had to have it, but have since bought a collection of 1930’s Sprint Race Cars, and I have decided to go vintage racing. It is as clean in person as it is in these photos. Not perfect-but VERY nice! Twice as cool as a Crosley Hot Shot! Plus if it is in a 1950’s car magazine, which it might be, then it’s worth big bucks! Starting price is less than what I paid for it. Please also see my 1958 Chris Craft wooden boat, with its 35 HP Goodyear outboard engine for sale in a separate auction. It would be a KILLER piece to tow behind this car, as would a wooden teardrop trailer!!! Do NOT bid if you are not going to take care of this car! Lots of photos available by email-just request them. I will help arrange shipping. Clear Fla. Title. Must receive full payment 7 days after auction, and car must be moved in 30 days. Good Luck!! Owner: George Albright, Ocala, Fla. cell 352.843. 1624 Email to request more photos: gnalbright@gmail.com, or thru the posting party.

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