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Battery cradle for '37 Dictator

Guest GeorgeCagle

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Guest imported_GeorgeCagle


I have a suspicion that the two coat hanger wires holding the battery under the seat are not original. What does the original part look like? I looked in the parts book and it called the part the "battery cradle". Anyone got a picture?



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Guest Don Aust


I took a picture of mine if you want to send me your email. Best place to get me is DrDon1111@bresnan.net

My carrier is 10 1/2" long, 5 1/4" deep, 7" wide, and each end of the long side has a 3/8 lip that fits over the metal strips that are part of the frame. (Add the 3/8 on each side to the 10 1/2" for total length. As you might guess, these get corroded by acid from the battery, as well as being exposed to the elements directly under the car. There is also a lid that fits the car opening under the seat. If you need a pic of that as well, say so in your email and I will get one. I would send a picture here on the forum, but am somewhat computer challenged.

Best, Don

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