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Need help! Mopar in trouble.


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OK the more help the better. Let me start by saying the car I have is a 1963 valiant v200,4dr, six slant. I spent all of 6 years saving my money working to buy a car(10 at the time). Now I bought that car as a rust bucket and put it back to the beauty it was. Now my dad's a old fasion man and says in order for me to keep my car and to drive it I must find, replace, clean every part in the car. Now I have to show you before and after you wont believe your eyes. I have a org. car, beauty, even got the org. air condition! Alright set up done I had got out my brush and painted the eng, rans, both man. but as I was putting the exh. man. back I notice no exh. man. heat riser spring. Now I have looked every where, ebay, mopar junkyards, spring shops, metal shops, to find one. I even had to buy another truck because 5 years after finishing the car (not the heat riser) i started college and my dad still won't let me weld. it, still in his garage. So my quesion you guys is please..please help me find one. I can't spend $200 but anyhing under I wil gladly pay.

Hope you thought that was funny.

Thanks for your help, and pic. on the way.

Kris Parsons

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Guest simplyconnected

I thought only V-8's had exhaust heat risers. How can a single-exhaust (with no crossover) have a heat riser? If you really do need one, I found several by googling Valiant Heat Riser. Hope this helps. - Dave

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