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F.S. 1934 Ford pickup

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Pics and description by email bcavallin@gmail.com or 850 934 6613 by request. Best over $6000

FOR SALE: Really clean 1934 Ford, rolling chassis with 4 fresh rebuilt shocks, new hydraulic brake system using original clutch/brake pedal assy with an Early V8 Garage brake kit. It has new master cylinder, wheel cylinders, brake lines and hoses. Parking brake apparatus is all in place. Spindles, axles and closed driveline has new bearings and seals throughout. Ring & pinion are 4:11's. Spring shackles, perches, ubolts and king pins are new. 1937 front spindles. 1934 steering w/new bearings and seals, stock from light switch to horn button. The engine is a .040 over 1949 Ford 8ba. Each bank has two hair line cracks from stud to water jacket. A piston pin clip scored # 7 cylinder so it is sleeved. The pistons, rods, valves, guides, springs, lifters and oil pump are removed but are all included. The block has been cleaned, new cam bearings installed, new timing gear pressed on and an early crank gear to accomodate a crab distributor. The block has the top front water holes tapped for 1/4 npt plugs (not included) to allow double sheave early water pumps. The engine rests in the 1934 frame with no frame alterations. Trans is 1938. Clutch and flywheel are 1949 F-1. Body parts were mounted on the frame for picture taking. The radiator had been modified to fit under the shaved grill shell. I've probably left out something so if you have a question after viewing the pictures, email me: bcavallin@gmail.com

Included : Gaskets, new pan set and head set; Radiator, (modified to fit grill shell); Body pieces: cab, doors,(w/ regulators & handles), windshield frame, rear window frame, dash, original seat springs(rusty), bed, rear spreader bar, rear fenders, running boards,(with holes for stacks), front fenders, hood, grill shell,(shaved), splash pan. No bullet holes. All metal in good condition except as shown in pictures; Spare tire bracket (spare in right fender); Steering column drop w/ fresh lock & key and switch parts; Two 16"x4", 40 "bent spoke" Kelsey Hayes rims; Gauges: Speedometer (needle missing), amp, oil & fuel (parts from two fuel gauges+instructions); Shock arms; Starter and Generator; Intake manifold w/ carb and fuel pump; other parts.




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