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final grill badge upgrade


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well i did the final upgrade to the nose badge, fully inlaid with full width bars (cut the old pentrident plastic out) and it looks "right" the way the factory should have made it. Now I just have to figure out what to do about that jogg where the center consule meets the dash. below is a link to the picture


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Hey Guys.

Both Marquis' have a heritage, some good, some not so.. I added a couple of Maserati emblems to mine, just to overcome that public opinion that the TC is a LeBaron copy. There is no one in my small town that does not know the difference now.. ~ But ~ I would never remove all the exposed "PenTrident" emblems. The original 2.2 in both 8v & 16v is better than what what Maserati had.(the 16v is just a Cosworth Hot Rodded 8v) and the addition of the 3.0 turned it into what DeTomasso was trying to turn Maserati into at the time. That is a Family Car. He tried very hard to resurect the Marquis and take it out of the Exotic andoput it into the Common market..

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