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Hi My dad and I just bought 1950 chrysler new yorker yesterday and am about to start working on it. But I have no clue on the straight 8 and fluid drive tranny, so I hope that this is the place that can help a newbie. Also any links for parts or catalogs would help. I'll post some pix as soon as I can. Also where can I look up as to what models where offered in 1950 new yorker, like a windsor, impereal or t&c or what makes them different. thanks

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Guest Bob Call

Go on ebay and check for 1950 Chrysler service manual. They show up pretty often. Next best, watch for Chilton's Auto Repair Manual 1942-1953, Should be able to buy a Chilton's for $15 to $20. The Chrysler manual will be higher. Chilton's has a section on the fluid drive trans.

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