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Power window motors - 67-69 years interchange???

Guest waijo355

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Guest waijo355


My rear pass side power window motor is not working and i have an opporunity to purchase one from a 69 Riviera. Will if fit my 67 Riviera?

i assume it will seen as they shared the same bodyshape, but just wanting to make sure.


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Yes, they are inter-changable. But you should diagnose yours first. It may just be a broken wire or the switch. Take your panel off and get a battery charger and put the black clamp from charger onto ground. Then unplug the wire harness to the window motor. The two wires (one brown and one blue) one is for the window to go up...the other for down...so put the positive from the charger to one or the other. If it still does not work....then sometimes the motor stops at a bad spot on the motors armature...try to move it a little with a screwdriver, then try again.

Email me the results of these tests at rivierarob2007@shaw.ca and I will try to help you further.


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