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1924 Dodge Brothers Touring top boot

Guest antiquecarbuyer

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Guest antiquecarbuyer


I need a pattern or instructions on how to properly make a top boot for our 1924 Dodge Brothers touring. You can email pictures or drawings to antiquecarbuyer@aol.com . Thank you in advance for your help.

Sincerely, LK Akron, Ohio

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Guest imouttahere

You don't need a pattern or pictures.

Have you got the correct top saddles? Then just lower the top and take the car to the upholstery shop. The shop can merely measure the lowered top and make a boot to fit. It's a very simple item for a good upholstery man to make.

The only tricky part of the boot is its top, front edge. The top front edge of the boot is held in place by about 6 "turn-button" fasteners screwed to a piece of hardwood about 1" X 3/4". The piece of hardwood must be long enough to screw to the threaded brackets behind the top of the rear seat back on each side of the car. Use the same kind of material for the boot as was used to make the top of your car. To make it authentic, run narrow piping ("swag") around the perimeter of the boot, top and bottom, made from the same material.

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