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Old front suspension bar


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I found another new old Moog part I can't identify. Looks similar to 40's GM or Chrysler. 11.5" long, 3/8 holes 7" OC x 2" OC. Moog #6026 if anybody has an old Moog catalog. Hope someone can help me find a home for it. Thanks for sharing your experience.






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Guest CutNChop

Looks to be a lower inner control arm bar from a Mopar from about 39 to 54.

This is my 1949 Chrysler front end taken apart


This is the blown up diagram from the parts book



1949 Canadian Mopar part number is 852346, fits P17, P18, D29, D30, D31, D32, S13, C45. (2 required per vehicle)

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