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For sale or trade - 1937 LaSalle sedan

Guest gerg

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I have a 1937 LaSalle sedan for sale or trade for a '35-'40 Packard sedan or even a stepdown Hudson.

It is a 30+ year old restoration but a decent runner and driver. The doors are rusty on the bottom and there is lots of bondo on the doors too. I think the rest of the body is pretty solid but the laquer paint job shows it's age. I would call it a 20 footer patinaed driver. Interior is okay, light blue wool. Drives well enough for me to use it fairly often, to church on Sunday (really!), car shows, SUnday drives etc.

One could be happy to use as is, I do.

I can share all the details I know with any interested parties and send photos too. I would be happy to call you to discuss in detail.

$12,000 is my desire as that is what I have into it, would prefer a trade for the aforementioned '35-'40 Packard sedan in similar condition or of similar value. a '48-'53 Hudson might be of interest to me too.

I am located in the NW corner of Washington state.

Questions? Comments? feel free to PM or e-mail me.



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I just want to push myself to the top of the list. Just won a trophy this past weekend - Best Orphan (non-Studebaker) of course there were only a few other orphans there and the '51 Hudson Hornet Hollywood hardtop took best of show and the well worn rusty and non-running Rambler really wasn't in contention.

But still...


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I found a Packard that would fit my desires, now all I need is cash to buy it, reducing the price on the LaSalle to $11,000.

Does this stir anyone's juices?


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