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1937 Pontiac engine/tranny matches

Guest Bill Meglen

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Guest Bill Meglen

I am shopping a 1937 4 dr. that was in 3+ condition until a rod went through the block, so engine is not suitable for rebuild. I know this is near heresy but finding another flathead replacement seems like a long term search. A Chevy V8 350/350 combo would start it on the route to street rod and the mods would all but eliminate a return to stock. My online research says that the 223 flathead may also have been used in the GMC's of that era. Are there any other later GM engines (inline 6) that might mate with 3 on the tree transmission to make it a "driver" with minimum mods until it can be returned to stock.


Gardnerville, NV

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Guest Arniland


I have to disagree with you about the difficulty in finding a replacement block. I've owned my '37 2819 for only 2 years, but in buying up some spare parts in that time, I now own 2 6 cylinder '37 engines and a late 40s eight. All have been part of packages which included the engines. Do a little looking around and I'm sure that you will be able to find a rebuildable block. I'm just sorry that you don't live a little closer. ;-)

You don't mention if you are looking for a 6 or an 8.


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