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1958 Limited wanted


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Guest bbobbrs

Greetings, I'm thinking of finding a new caretaker for my Limited, it should be at Dream Cruise right now... She's a beauty, 90%+ original, very few flaws and drives like a dream.. Just turned 80,000 miles yesterday. Armrests and front seat need work but almost everything else works well. She needs a bath and ?, plus a bit of TLC. Lots of extras, including some paperwork, parts and even the old bias-ply tires she had on. Let me know if you would like to know more. Oh yeah, 4 door, light blue nearly rust-free...

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Guest Tri-shield

Greetings Limited fans,

This whole "Limited for sale" deal sounds kinda hokey. Been offered several times since June of '02. Always ends in a no-sale. Does the car really exist?

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