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MG MIDGET 77 Restoration manual needed!

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I recently purchased a 77 MG MIDGET.

<span style="font-weight: bold">I am looking for a PDF or BOOK on how to repair the SUSPENSION, BRAKES and GEARBOX</span>

So far all I found online are regular books which are very expensive considering they could be just scanned and copied.

If anyone has a REAL book, and is willing to share it that be awesome, if you dont have a scanner, i do and can scan you the entire book and then return it to you.

Please reply here or send me an email at impulsebullet@yahoo.com

Thanks guys!

P.S. IF ANYONE ELSE is ALSO looking for a manual for MG MIDGET OR MGB. So far i found a few diagrams and this preaty good part list catalogue, which has pictures of all parts, their NAMES and possibly their part number, which helps TREMENDOUSLY!



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