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wiring and 6 volt fuse block

Guest 1936 Ford Truck

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Guest 1936 Ford Truck


Need some help in re wiring my 36 ford pick up 1 ton. The engine is out so I can get to most everything. Wires that come out of cab and down to steering box look ok, forward from there, they are beat up and the covering (cloth) is gone in places. This is the fact all the way to the headlights. ALso the case going out to the rear tail light.

I was thinking of putting a fuse block (i know non stock item) some where on the fender or firewall, and using the original wiring from the cab to steering box. Then coming out new fuse block with new wiring and going to headlights, tailight, coil, generator, oil pressure sensor on back of motor, ect..with all new wire, than I would have fuses which may help protect my stuff.

so my question is

what size wire do I use

Do I need a special 6 volt fuse block ?, do they make such a thing. or what size fuses will I need?

or do I have this all wrong

Thanks in advance

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