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1948 Tucker Lighter

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I just posted a lighter for sale on E-Bay under 1948 Tucker, item number 150277790522.

This is a very rare lighter that was given by Preston Tucker to an employee and personal friend. On the bottom it is engraved "FOR REFILLS WRITE PRESTON TUCKER - YPSILANTI, MICHIGAN". I am putting this on Ebay to attract attention to a much larger collection I have that will be going up for sale soon that has just finished being appraised by Larry Batton of the Auto Appraisal Group. You can see what they said about the collection on their website at www.autoappraisal.com. If anyone is interested in the rest of the collection which consists of over 450 blueprints, corporate documents, letters, pictures, bankruptcy documents, shippers, etc., and a cord transmission housing. I can send you an itemized list that has a description of each item. milcouch@cox.net Thanks, Mike

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