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Selling 1989 Reatta


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Hello everyone,<P>After rear-ending another car in my Reatta on Monday I have decided to get a new car. I am trying to decide whether to take the $4500 tax deduction or sell it to someone else. <P>I will warn people who may be interested, the car is not in great condition. I would say that the front end damage will mean that the hood and driver-side quarter panel need to be replaced. But the engine still runs pretty well and the interior is still pretty nice. Anyone interested? I have pasted in the detailed information form that one of the veteran forum members put together - if you want to know more, email me at nortdav@yahoo.com. Thanks,<P>David<P>Year: 1989<BR>Coupe: _X_ <BR>Mileage:136401 Considered Correct? Yes <BR>Location: Louisville, KY <BR>Title: Clear_X_ <BR>Any Accident History? Yes, rear-ended another car at about 20 MPH two days ago <BR>Asking Price: $ 1200<BR>Willing to take trade No<BR>Exterior Color: Silver<BR>Paint Original? Yes<BR>Paint Condition? Fair to poor<BR>Moulding Color: Black<BR>Body Dents: Yes If Yes where, Hood, Front left quarter panel and maybe the bumper will probably have to be replaced. Also has a scratch on the right door<BR>Body Rust: No <BR>Windshield Chipped or Cracked? No <BR>Vent Glass Intact? Yes<BR>Out Side Mirrors Intact? No, Right side mirror knocked off and had to be glued back together and back on<BR>Headlight Motors Function Correctly? No <BR>Tail Light Lense: Clear<BR>Interior Color: Gray<BR>Interior Original? Yes <BR>Seat Condition? Good <BR>Headliner Condition? Fair <BR>Carpet Condition? Good<BR>Original Floor Mats: No<BR>Floor Mat Condition: Excellent<BR>Steering Wheel Leather: Good<BR>Sun Roof? Y N Works? No <BR>16 Way Seats? Yes Works No<BR>Functional Keyless Entry? Yes<BR>Both Remotes? No – just one <BR>Problems with Electronic Dash items? No <BR>If Y describe problems: <BR>Power Windows Work Correctly? No – driver side window does not raise/lower correctly<BR>Power Seats Work Correctly? Yes<BR>Power Door Locks Work Correctly? Yes<BR>Power Antenna Work Correctly? Yes<BR>Original Sound System? Yes<BR>Sound Systems Functional? No, some kind of short keeping three of the speakers from functioning properly<BR>After Market Sound System? No<BR>A/C Functional? No, bad compressor <BR>Converted to 134A? Yes <BR>Suspension require any attention? Probably needs realign after accident <BR>Tire Brand: Continental Top Touring 2000 Tires<BR>Remaining Tread: 1/2<BR>Are All Tires Matched? Yes <BR>Factory Wheels? Yes<BR>Factory Wheel Center Caps Condition: Excellent <BR>Any Brake Components Replaced? No<BR>Last Time Brake System Was Flushed? Not sure<BR>Original Engine? Yes<P>Original Engine Rebuilt? No <BR>Does Engine require attention? Yes, getting error codes for Throttle Position Sensor (Signal Voltage Low) and Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF) (GM/SEC Low)<BR>When was last tune up? 6 months ago<BR>Does the engine, cooling system, power steering, or brake system leak any fluids? No<BR>How often do you change the oil? Every 3,000 miles<BR>Original Transmission? No, rebuilt transmission installed December 2001<P>Original Transmission Rebuilt? NA <BR>Does Transmission require attention? No <BR>When was last Transmission Service? 12/2001<BR>Any Transmission Leaks? No<BR>Have CV joints been replaced? No<P>In General, What items need attention? <BR>My Reatta Drives: Fair – I would rate this as good except for the error codes. I have put some work into it – recently replace the water pumped, converted the A/c, tuned it up. <BR>I am the 3rd owner of this Reatta (the second was my father). <BR>I have owned this Reatta for 3 Years or Months.<BR>Contact Me at (502) 386-1952 or email me at nortdav@yahoo.com

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