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  1. Forget to Add Buick Model 14b
  2. I need to rebuild my step plate wood on my 1910 model 14, right now I had very worn white diamond grid material on plywood and now I need to replace it and was wondering what everyone uses on their step plates and does anyone know what is the correct original materials used? John Butler step picture
  3. I wish the picture you posted was still there, I have been running mine around this past weekend and think something is wrong with the brakes, I have new linings but the right side grabs way to early and locks up before the left side comes in. Any suggestions?
  4. Carburetor identification help! I'm hoping someone can identify this carburetor, I need a gasket or a rebuild kit but cannot find the model number, the patent number tells me its a Wheeler-Schebler and the top of the unit inside the bowl area has the number 227-104 in raised stamp. Any comments are welcome. PS. This came off my 1910 Buick 14b 2 cylinder but is not the original carb. http://picasaweb.google.com/johnbrogerspoultry/ScheblerCarb John's Unknown Schebler carb model
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