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  1. Steve thanks I will go like you say black block and sliver head.the silver that I use would it be like the dicussion said 51 Ford meadow green? I am new at this thanks I highly appreciate your help.I have one more guestion maybe you can help me the car horn that I have is a doulble trumpet horn .Do you know if they came that way.
  2. Rusty THANKS Steve Boettger THANKS I check my engine head it said Silverdome.So does it mean the engine is painted all red or just the head red and the engine silver and accessories black.
  3. Rusty do you know what kind of silver and where to get it or do I painted any silver engine enamel paint .How do you know when you have a high compression head. thank you very much
  4. does anybody know the color of engine for a 1931 cj chrysler .thank you
  5. Does anyone know the orignal color the engine was painted in 1931 for a cj chrysler.Thank you