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  1. Hello Peter C Trevanna here again I just posted my first e-mail in general discussion forum then wandered over here. The 1964 Olds Starfire is EXACTLY how I'd like my eventual purchase to look. Battered run down but with potential to be a perfect daily driver [ for full explanation please see my e-mail in general forum }. Well must sign out for now I hope the Starfire goes to someone who'll put it back on the road its far to good to scrap. Peter C Trevanna
  2. Hello I'm an Australian in process of relocation to Ontario Canada & as a life long vehicle enthusiast wish to meet as many Canadian \ North American enthusiasts as possibile. I've owned machines ranging from 1967 Chrysler Valiant to 1995 Land Rover Discovery with Jaguars, Citroen, Corvette & a few Rover Sedans to provide variety along the way. However my favourite machines are the big American 4 door Hard Top Sedans between 1965 \ 1975, no particular make -model I just admire their style \ practicality plus as in general 4 door's not that desirable their relativly cheap purchase prices specialy if needing work, this is easy for me as though not qualified I have over 20 years of automotive knowledge \ skills to call on. I'm interested in eventually acquiring a 1968 Chev Impala 4 Door Hard Top & would like to get some idea of values for complete but shabby runners with the smaller V8's, though first preference to complete vehicles I'd consider non runners & also 1965 - 66 - 67 Impala Hard Top Sedans. I had considered bringing my part restored Rover P6B with me but the costs are to great as I'm presently seeking a Canadian job offer [ Rural Ontario sales marketing etc if anyone knows of such work avaliable } & naturally I have to be carefull with my avaliable money. Ok I'll end here for now & look foward to communication with fellow enthusiasts Peter C Trevanna.
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