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  1. Thank you for the pic. Dad says his car was maroon I'm not sure but he said the top was electric and he might be confusing the top with the interior, he insists the top was plaid silk and the interior was leather with cloth. Now I have to save that pic and get it to him. It might shock his memory. Although I have to admit his memory is better than mine he's 85 and I'm 64. He insist he paid 2,000 seems like a lot. Could the cars at shows been customized? He remembers it had 18 lights in the grille? jim
  2. My father says it is a 41 I keep telling it was a 42. I guess I was looking for verifiction. He must be losing his memory. He says he bought it at a show it was siting on a carousel and it cost over 2000 which I thought was a lot for 41. During the war his cousin totaled it. My grandmother says that the goverment called her to buy the car for the army.THis could be a tall tale?? jim
  3. My father bought a 1941 or 42 desoto convertible with a plaid convertible top and hidden headlights. He insist it's a 41 but I say it's a 42. He bought it in Boston Ma car show around August of 41 drove it for 6 months then left for the war. I had a pic of it and lost it (he hates me for losing). It was maroon with cloth and leather interior. Any info would help Thank You