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  1. Brian, We are using the "wrong" carby by rotating the lower half 180* so the float chamber clears the starter. This of course makes the air intake face away from the engine. (As shown in the second picture.) Still looking for a "proper carb". Bob
  2. We were able to get the valves from Northwestern Auto Supply in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Thanks for the help. We have it RUNNING! Started it today for the first time. Lots of smoke, fumes, and BIG smiles. It hasn't run in 30+ years! Test Drive Soon. Bob
  3. We are going to need some new exhaust valves for the Dodge. We removed the old ones and had them refaced and now they are too thin on the edges of the bevel. Any idea on where to get replacements or some valves we could alter to make work? Bob
  4. Got the oil drained and refilled (6 qts. ??). Well, here are some more puzzling things about this engine. See pictures below. The carb fits fine and the tube on its air intake lines up with the hole thru the block. This carb is supposedly the "original oem" for the engine. BUT, the bowl on the carb interferes with the starter. If we rotate the lower part of the carb 180* the interference is eliminated. BUT, the carb air intake is now pointing away from the block. We seem to need a different carb or a shorter starter. Ideas?? Bob
  5. Thanks for the help! Now some more questions. How do you drain the oil from the crankcase? No apparent drain plug. Where do we find a new head gasket or what can be made to work? What do you mean by "Backward Shift Pattern"? Bob
  6. 30-ML-106104-ML-<br /><br />Moved this to Dodge Brothers!! Wayne
  7. The mag is a Fairbanks Morse and is a definite add-on. If you look at the right side engine view you can see the original ignition coil still bolted to the top-front of the head. Now to find a distributor setup. Bob
  8. Here is a link to PhotoBucket with some pics. We did get a carburetor off ebay. I'm taking it to Ray tomorrow to see if it fits. Bob
  9. Yes there is a hole in the bell housing for the starter on the driver side. Yes, the mag is coupled to the water pump shaft. I read somewhere that the engine number and the vehicle number should be close to each other and they are. I will take some new pics tomorrow and post them on PhotoBucket or such. Bob
  10. Thanks for the reply and the info. The carb is on the driver side. We just found and bought a Stewart Detroit Lubrictor carb. Looks like the right one. I think the magneto is an "aftermarket" cobble. The bracket which holds the mag looks homemade. The mag is on the pass. side aft of the water pump. I seem to recall seeing a picture of a right angle drive distributor on one of these dodge engines. Is there a way to post pictures here? Bob
  11. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A friend just brought home a doodle bug built from a 1927 four door dodge sedan. It is missing the carb. A plate on the floor board lists a vehicle number of A-726948. Stamped on the driver side of the engine is B-779-809. Very unusual setup. The engine air intake is piggy-backed over the exhaust manifold. There is a port which goes crosswise thru the block between 2 & 3 cylinders. On that side of the engine is a second port above the first that goes back into the block and (assumed) to the intake valves. The carb must be u-shaped and connect to these two openings. From some research we think the carb would be a Stewart. There is no generator and the engine is fitted with a magneto. It has a regular starter, not a starterator. Looking for help on confirming the year of mfg, what model engine and what we need to replace/identify the carb. Bob